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Buying Potions feat. Famikon

by Victim Cache



Buying Potions is one of the very first songs we started composing together as a band. It was originally meant to be part of Chipsurf Pipeline, but we could never quite make it fit, in part because it sounded more like a hip-hop song (thanks to the prevalent sounds of the 808). Much time passed, and we ran into Famikon via Fiverr who came up with a majority of the lyrics and provided the vocals, thus turning it into a rather awesome chip-hop track.

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I woke up in a strange land,
With a blaster affixed to my hand. (Damn!)
There's people standing 'round me in the sand,
Tellin' me we need to hurry up and I'm the man for the job.

Yep, they've given me a quest.
I'm easily putting down anyone that wants to test.
They told me to go see the old man;
Oh damn he's gonna give me the platinum vest now!

I got powers man; don't test me.
Gotta fight another hour so that I can get some XP!
And what does ether cost?
I need some more mana before I fight the boss (Boss).

I hear he's hiding in a cave on the mountain
I gotta be brave and step because the time is countin' down,
And before I go another round (Round),
I'm goin' shopping buyin' potions in the town.

Like Hey Yo!
I'm buyin' potions in the town.
I'm buyin' potions in the town.
(Huh? What?)
Like Hey, Yo!
I'm buying potions in the town. (What?)
I'm buying potions in a shop in the town. (Huh? What?)

I got powers man; don't test me.
Gotta get that mana; gotta get that ether - hey!
(I can get some XP!)
Gotta get those HPs, gotta get that potions - hey!

I'm gonna get this brute, I'm gonna take his loot.
I found an ice-stopper suit, and a pair of copper boots.
I had a choice and took the warrior off-shoot.
I need an alchemist; what do I do with this nimroot (damn!)

I do side-quests ignoring the main joint.
Bring up the map and set my own damn waypoint.
Where will this quest take me, wherever the wind blows.
Go to the inn for a beer and some NPC bimbos.

And when I talk to my kin-folk,
they telling me I'm close and they point out the window.
So there I go to the top of the peak.
I see my nemesis and he attacks me!

Shh... he cast a fire spell - I saw the snow melt!
I tried to dodge it but he got a direct blow dealt.
I'm walkin' slow and you know that I got low health.
Good thing I got a lotta potions; I reach for my belt.

I drank the red one first.
I felt my undershirt burst,
As I quenched my thirst.
He's gonna get the worst!
He left this whole town cursed.
He can't be saved by your nurse.
He gon' be left in a hearse!

I took the blue one next,
And I started to flex.
I got growin' specs on my face and my neck.
I grabbed two staffs and held them in the neck.
I turned towards and pointed them at his chest.
I made a .. sonic boom! with all the strength I could manage.
Attacked his weak point with some massive damage.

He made a shield, tried to block that sh--
But I got past him and stored a critical hit!
That was it!
He screamed 1,000 screams
that could be heard across the land as he feel to his knees
and battered and bruised but I achieved victory!
'Back to town I need some potions and some NPCs!

(Hey Yo!)
I'm buyin' potions in the town (in the town).
I'm buyin' potions in the town.
Like (Hey Yo!)
I'm buyin' potions in the town.
I'm buyin' potions in a shop in the town.


released December 12, 2012
Vocals, Lyrics: Famikon




Victim Cache Texas

Victim Cache is an electro indie rock band with a focus on pioneering new styles and genres with an emphasis on integrating the chiptune sound with other styles of music.

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