Shipping and return policies for Victim Cache

Shipping Info
First, thanks so much for helping support us by buying our stuff! That means a ton to us! If you would, though, give us a little extra time to ship things out than you might a big store. It's just literally us (as in John and Tim) shipping things out. Be note that will loving pack each and every item we ship to do our best to get it to you unharmed.

We use USPS to ship things out. US customers should expect about a week's time for us to ship things (and we will do our best to let you know when it does ship). International customers should probably add a week. I know, it's no fun waiting, but we want to do it right and USPS requires some fuss when shipping international.
Return Policy
We will do our best to make sure things are carefully and lovingly packed up in a proper mailer for the item in question. While we cannot make guarantees that bad things won't happen while in transit, if something bad happens, let us know and we will do our best to work something out. If you have specific concerns, just reach out to us! We love hearing from fans! Even if it is about return policies!